Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nothing more fun than watching the latest FOTM die a painfull death

Ever since Pandemic Legion started to popularize it the Armour HAC gang has been the flavour of the month (FOTM). For months stories about these AB fitted Armour tanked gangs destroying BS fleets and carriers without taking losses have been filling the battle-reports. As someone whose skills are not up to flying these ships (especially since I don't fly Ammar) I have been feeling rather left out.

Well, last night (around the time my daughter was born whoot whoot but that is another story) an Agony gang (obviously not including me) of just over a dozen BS slaughtered a much much larger and more expensive RAZOR armour HAC gang.

For your viewing pleasure I present ... DURKA RZR

EDIT: For all the fools who think that this is a one-time strategy. Here is the same concept from a week before:


  1. Their failing for not scouting the lack for turrets.

    Well played.

  2. True but 90% of the time scouts won't check for those things. At lease that was true. Now I am sure that Agony BS fleets will be always checked for turrets.