Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - Ankhesentapemkah booted from CSM for NDA violations

In the history of the Council of Stellar Management (CSM) there have been few delegates more controversial than Ankhesentapemkah. She had created the Take Care party that had been quite influential in the CMS for the past few seasons and now she was a member. She ran on a PvE/anti-PvP platform and had some 'interesting' ideas for how eve should work. Today CCP has released a statement 'member removed from csm' removing her begin in breach of the NDA.

Personally I am not surprised. Ank' seemed to be walking a very fine line working for one company developing games while serving on an official player council of another one. Although the specific violations leading to her removal have not been disclosed the possibilities are endless. One thing I do know is that she claimed her past experience on the CSM as employment for CCP on her resume, something that is misleading if not actually false. Since claiming to be an employee of CCP is a bannable offense in Eve, I am sure that the CSM also had such restrictions that she was clearly in violation of.

It is also possible that she was removed for using information to gain an in-game advantage like the Larkongate scandal. If true then this is the least serious reason for her removal. However Larkonis has said on Scrapheap...

I will say this. When I commited my little infraction the CCP dudes were obviously upset and pissed but they were pretty chill and willing to work it all out with me (ie, not threatening legal action, not forcing me to reimburse them for flights, letting me issue a statement, allowing me to graciously fall on my sword etc). One thing that came out during my interview without coffee was 'At least you weren't selling data or information to our competitors'. Given that Ankh works for a game development company and this all appears quite hush hush...
-Larkonis Trassler

This implies that something much more damming may have happened. If it turns out that she had done something revealing secrets to another game development company then it is much more serious. If true then that is it for the CSM ever having access to any real information about future developments. It also means that she will have a huge DO NOT HIRE ME mark on her resume. She may also be sued by CCP.

Anyways sucks to be her, sucks for the CSM, sucks for Eve in general that such a twit was elected, and hopefully this is just a minor incident and not a CSM destroying one.

And for you you who voted for her... just vote for teadaze next time, he actually cares about the CSM for more then a reason to pad his resume and get free trips to Iceland.

And also to see why she was so bad... here is the vote on improving the overload interface so that it would be easier to click on overload and not turn off a module instead. How anyone who has ever used overheating could be against this is for you to figure out.

Edit: Thanks to the Ecliptic Rift Blog for catching the following on Massively:

When reached for comment, Eva had the following to say: "All I can say at the moment is that out of respect for the CSM, the players of EVE, as well as the good people at CCP, I cannot give any details besides my personal conviction that CCP's statement is not in relation to any of my recent publications, and that I do not share CCP's conclusion that there has in fact been an NDA breach. I am currently engaged in following up this situation with CCP." Eva plans to keep her followers updated on her situation via her CSM blog as the situation develops.

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