Sunday, July 4, 2010

Agony Recruitment Opening :)

Now that the tournament is over and we have a few things sorted out Agony Unleashed (of which I am a member) is open for recruitment. So if you are interested in joining now is a great time...

What we offer:
* T2 ships at, or slightly below market value.
* Sovereignty in space filled mostly with hostiles.
* Small fleets, often headed by a bonkers South African engaging larger fleets belonging to our neighbors.
* Lots of enemies (almost no friendlies).
* Ratting in Providence (see earlier point about space filled with hostiles).
* Easy access to high-sec (only one major static gate camp with carrier support camping us in).
* Lots of great personalities in corp suffering from P.T.S.D. and /or alcoholism.

What we are looking for:
* Experienced PvP pilots who want to give up all the perks of being in a large alliance.
* Young pilots willing to not suck.

So if you think this sounds awesome (and it is) apply away.


  1. Join us, we have cookies!

  2. That's why I joined!!!
    Mmmmmm cooooookiiieeesss!

  3. Wait, where are all the frakkin cookies?! You bastards ate all the t2 cookies.

  4. The said neighbors usually run and hide their nicer ships when they see a single agony scout in local too.