Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Worstest PvP Loss Ever

Well, I have now done it. The old Eve rule is don't fly what you can't afford to lose. Well I have managed to effectively loose 75% of my (small to begin with) net-worth across both accounts over the last few days. Nearly a billion isk is pretty much gone with no hope for a quick recovery :(. And I didn't even get to see a pretty explosion.

I got pwned in Jita 4-4, in station. Of the many kinds of PvP in Eve the market is probably the most dangerous. Fortunes can be created and lost in a heartbeat. In my case I had found a nice little product that could be purchased by missioners in their LP store. It typically sold for around 200 thousand - 300 thousand isk on the market. I discovered that I could put in a buy order for 100-125k and then flip the items. At that price most of the mission runners seemed perfectly happy to sell me most of the stuff, and I would re-sell it back to PvPers who used the items for twice the price. Over a period of several months I had pretty much cornered the market. Anytime someone else tried to compete, I dumped the price down, they followed and then I bought their stock up at a pittance. Then I would drive the price up again and the money would flow in. It seemed like every day I was making 10-20 million isk with the one item. Oh what happy times...

Unfortunately over the last week things started going from bad to worse. First someone entered the market with a hauler full of product. I am not sure where they got it from. Possibly from LP, or a nice loot drop in PvP. I tried pulling his price down, but he would not move significantly. Sure if I posted 10 isk less he would follow, but I just couldn't get his price down. Meanwhile as a few more players started entering the market and I had lost all control over the price. I managed to buy most of it out, but then more and more would show up. Nearly a billion isk was sent down the rabbit hole and now I am sitting on a mountain of product.... that my characters don't even use. In the end I just gave up, posted my entire stock in a massive sell order (below what I paid for it) and will check on it in a month or two to see if I get some of my money back.

Back to ship pvp... what is the worst I could loose, a T2 fitted Battleship ... no problem.

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