Friday, July 2, 2010

Trick of the trade - getting an enemy to engage you at 0

Often when flying solo you need to engage an enemy close enough that you can both scram web them. The problem is that many of you opponents will try to do the exact opposite and engage you outside of this range. For example you might be in a Jaguar and you want to get an easy kill in on an interceptor. If the interceptor isn't in range it will point you and his friends will kill you. So the trick is to engage it within scram-web range.

To properly execute this trick you both need to be on grid with each other, but out of range. The enemy might try burning towards you or otherwise trying to get within point range. What you need to do is align for an easily distinguished celestial. Either a planet or a belt. Then warp to it at 0. The enemy should be able to see you warping to the celestial and, as often as not, he will follow you warping to 0 as well.

When you land simply check the directional and you should see him coming in. Activate your scram/web/afterburner. Keep double-clicking on the ship in the overview as he lands and presto... you now have him.

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