Monday, July 5, 2010

Great July 3 Class Roam

As many of my readers may know Agony Unleashed runs the PvP university. These are basically courses in PvP that we teach most weeks for a small fee in isk. We claim that the purpose of these classes is to provide education in PvP to New Eden. In reality Rells (the founder of Agony) came up with these classes so we could have a big fleet of T1 frigates go around and kill everything. As a result each class has a lecture part and then a roam component where we do just that.

This last run was quite epic. I joined up near the end after a 60 minute long battle with over 40 kills was over (note that the killboard does not handle the class well due to multiple corps.... everything in red is in fact a kill for us). Nevertheless I joined up in a Jaguar and helped out on several nice ganks against superior fleets. Unfortunately the Agony ticker does make me primary a little faster then the classmates but I managed to warp in and out of the battle a couple of times allowing my shield to recharge. (Tip: When in fleet taking serious damage don't die if you can help it ... try and get away so you can come back again) All in all it was a lot of fun and recommend these classes to any new (and old) pilot.

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