Wednesday, July 14, 2010

See the fitting on a ship in your hanger without boarding - Redux

Yesterday I talked about viewing the fit on a ship without boarding it. Turns out I underestimated the level of fail in Eve's implementation by an order of magnitude. Firstly the way I described by looking at the modules tab is completely useless unless you are looking at the ship you are in. If you are looking at any ship but a noob ship or your current ship the module tab is not missing. If the noob ship is your current ship it shows the correct modules. However if it is not your current ship it incorrectly shows as having the civilian modules that came free.

However that is not the newish feature. What the notes in the meeting minutes actually referred to was something else. If you look at your assets window and go to any station but the one you are in you can select a ship and view it's contents. In the list of contents it will show if the item is in a high, medium or low slot. Unfortunately the restriction on being unable to do this with ships in the station that you are in makes this feature almost completely useless. Also, since you can only see the name of the ship, if you have multiple ships of the same name it prevents you from telling them apart.

Here is the View Contents drop-down:

And here is the contents box. Note that it shows the location of the item:

So to reiterate... Eve has three ways of viewing the fittings of a ship.

1. Board the ship and use fittings screen
2. Board the ship and click on show-info of the same ship. Look at the modules tab.
3. Use the assets window and 'View Contents' of ships. It will tell you if they are in a slot or not. Does not work for only the hanger of the station you are docked in.

Options 2 and 3 are the half-arsed implementations that have become the norm at CCP.

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