Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hydra reloaded and providence

So I was sitting in Jita on my trading alt crying about the state of my finances when I noticed someone spamming local with a notice that the HYDRA RELOADED was recruiting any and all. Two things were suspicious. Firstly, Jita local is just a bunch of spam for various scams, WTF is an established alliance like HYDRA doing posting there. Secondly, WTF is an elite PvP alliance like HYDRA doing a mass recruitment drive for. Something was very odd was going on. So I took a closer look at the character expecting to see some sort of transparent scam and this not actually being HYDRA. Surprisingly I could find none. It actually looked like they were mass recruiting

For those who are unaware HYDRA RELOADED was the reincarnation of a much older alliance. The new version of HYDRA RELOADED consists mostly of PvP experts and they placed second in the recent Alliance Tournament (Although they did loose their first match to AGONY*).

Sure enough it looks like HYDRA RELOADED is filling up with recruits, both new corps and individual characters. (*Linky*) I particularly think the Justin Bieber Fan Club and Industries is a strong addition. As of now they have over 1000 pilots. Despite their numbers there are some concerns about the 'quality' of their new members. While I recognize one or two of the names, most are unknown often with a singe pilot.

So what are they going to do with all of them? It looks like they may be planning an invasion of Providence. Personally I have my doubts. Any invasion of Providence will be a long slog and I doubt the small gang PvP specialty corps that make up the core of HYDRA will want to spearhead this. Time will tell. My main concern is that if they do push into providence AGONY will have to blue up with everyone else to repel the invaders. That would not be so good.

*By loose I mean they destroying all our ships but one but then they self-destructed giving us the win and guaranteeing themselves an easy match for the second qualifying round. *Linky*

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