Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hydra Reloaded and Providence Take 2

A couple of weeks ago I (and most of Eve) noticed that Hydra Reloaded was busy mass recruiting corps and preparing to invade Providence. At the time I thought this was interesting but I had my doubts as to what they could do against the now established residents of New Providence. Between UK, Agony, BDEAL, Daisho, Noir, CO2 and others, not to mention the endless station grinding that would be required, it seemed unlikely that a new entity could break into Providence without a lot more organization then the glued together alliance that HYDRA was becomming.

Well, they seem to have succeeded beyond expectations. As should have been predicted they managed to take over a sizable chunk of Providence, not through fighting, but through the metagame. A mole with director level access in UK booted most of the corps out of UK and now a shell of UK is effectively a part of HYDRA complete with numerous key stations and systems.

Providence, yet again is burning. On one side you have the remains of UK, HYDRA joined by CVA, and on the other side you have the booted corps from UK (most seemed to have now temporarily joined CO2) combined with the other members of new providence. Support from Atlas and AAA is also expected.

Unlike some other invasions we have heard about following disbanding this one should be a lot more interesting. Almost all of the corps in Providence are in it for the Pew Pew. HYDRA certainly wants to have a good fight, and the rest of Providence is more than willing to go along. No fail-cascading here for anyone. If anything the booted members of UK are more active then ever in their drive to win back what they have lost.

If I am disappointed by anyone it has to be with CVA. Despite being a long-time enemy, UK was quick to support CVA when CVA was disbanded. That disbandment was overturned (turned out to be an account hack) but I would have thought that CVA would have had the honour to remember that act of respect for UK. Turns out now, CVA has gloated about the destruction of UK and is now joined with the invaders.

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