Tuesday, July 13, 2010

See the fitting on a ship in your hanger without boarding - almost

Looking through the minutes of the last CSM summit (a very controversial one) I came across this rather nice tidbit:

View ship fittings in hanger without boarding ship. If you have several ships of the same type in your hanger but with different setups it isn't possible to see which is which without boarding them. A potential solution is to name the ships differently, however Eve has a habit of resetting ships names on session changes. CCP’s response: This is currently possible to do with ships in hangars in other locations (Asset window, Right Click ship, View Content). Adding the option for current hangar will be investigated and implemented when time allows. Session discussion: CSM asked why no one knows about this functionality; CCP acknowledged that it should have been better documented – however the information has been available in the patch notes since Dominion was deployed (http://www.eveonline.com/updates/patchnotes.asp?patchlogID=194).
-CSM CCP Meetings 23-25-06-2010 (page 27)

This is a really useful feature that no-one seems to have heard about before. In the past if you several ships of the same type with different fits (say one shield and one armour Hurricane) and you wanted a particular fit, you would have to board each ship one at a time to check the fittings. Since boarding a ship activated a session timer this could be rather time-consuming, especially if trying to rush out for a response fleet. Now you should be able to right-click on a ship (either in you hanger or in your inventory) and choose show info. The last tab in the show info window will be labeled modules and will show what is actually fit on the ship.

That is the theory at least. In practice unfortunately the idea is bugged.

Here is how it works. (slightly differently then described by CCP in their response) While in your hanger you can choose show info from the right-click menu as below...

And this should give you a list of modules under the modules tab as shown below. In the example below I am on-board the Merlin and am looking at the fitted modules on my Ibis. I now know what is fit without boarding it. Yeah!..

If I now look at the Merlin while on-bard the Merlin I get to see what is on it as well...

So far so good. Sometimes it doesn't work so well. When I am on board the Ibis and select the Merlin, this is what I get :( ...

Back to the drawing-board CCP.


  1. It seems like such a simple feature. I don't understand how it could be so hard that they haven't implemented it yet.

  2. Ah... it looks like I even further misunderstood how useless the feature that they implemented was. I will update tomorrow with what they actually did and what they heck they were thinking.