Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to play EVE when you can't play Eve?

Do any of you relate to this post? - You may play too much Eve if:

There are times when obsessing about this game can get out of hand. Most of the time obsessing about our little pastime is fine. However there are times when RL has to take the priority. My wife is about to give birth to my second child. Obviously the next 6 months are going to be a little crazy.

Playing Eve under these conditions can be quite a challenge. It is rather hard to explain to the Dramiel powering towards you to just hold on a minute.... the kid just burped all over me :(. In fact I think I am going to declare a new Law of Eve...

Given a two hour period camping a gate, the odds of a target showing up is proportional to how many of the following (wife, child, neighbor, phone, parents) trying to talk to you and get your attention.

So what sorts of Eve related things can I do? Firstly my plan is to keep on with this blog. There is no need for a pause button. Secondly I think I am going to concentrate on building up my industrial character. I am trying to get a char setup for invention and the like. Again, with the exception of some moving stuff around in low-sec, this should work just fine.

My questions for my few readers is.... What do you guys do in Eve when you don't think you can devote enough time to it to do some PvP?


  1. My new answer is "salvage", though traditionally it's been "trade and S&I".

  2. Usually just log in to make money for when I do have PvP time.

    Most of my isk making can be done in 5 minute increments, or with a few clicks and some time spent APing to another system.