Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whoo Hoo - I am now on the Eve Online BlogRoll lovefest

So as my blog is now part of the massive (over 500 blogs) CrazyKinux's Eve Online BlogRoll lovefest. This is not to be confused with the CrazyKinux's Eve Online Blog Pack which contains a selection of the best blogs from the blog roll.

What is impressive about CrazyKinux's efforts is how he has really motivated the Eve Blogging community to work together. Eve players are usually stereotyped as a bunch of suspicious, self-serving anti-social types. Just look at the junk posted on Scrapheap or in COAD. However, instead of the blogging community heading that way, Eve bloggers have risen above the fray with a general commitment to respect each other and grow the community. The Blog Banters are a good example of that.

So good work CK and thanks for listing me....

Oooh and looking at page views, this blog now has had over 600 page impressions.

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