Tuesday, August 7, 2012

5 Best Fights from the Tenth Alliance Tournament

I think this past alliance tournament was the best one we have had in quite a while. The rule change allowing up to 6 ships in the qualifiers and 12 in the main event really added to the dynamic of the tourney. Fights typically had multiple phases with the ships of the line (Command ships, battleships, strategic cruisers and battle-cruisers) plugging away at close range, while supporting frigate wings duked it out as well. However, I think there were five fights that really stood out as must see events...

5. AT 10 Day 8 Match 15 - FINAL - HUN Reloaded vs Verge of Collapse How long has it been since the final of the tournament has been one of the best fights of the series. HUN Reloaded bringing the Vargur yet again, and Verge actually bringing the obvious counter with two Sentinels. Sentinels are bonused to tracking disruption, which helped against the Vargurs, but more importantly they neuted out the repping power of the HUN logistics. Great fight. 4. AT 1- Day 8 Match 14 - Verge of Collapse vs Exodus. A fantastic match between two similar teams. Remarkable job by logistics keeping a Verge Kronus alive in what must have been 1% structure. Very close fight! A real nail-biter and a great example of the Vindi/Kronos heavy setups that have really dominated the tournament. 3. Pandemic Legion vs Darkside. A rematch of the fight from AT9 where Pandemic Legion lost to Darkside and ended their three year reign as tournament champion. But even better, PL brought an increadible setup including three Widow black ops battleships. The Widows brought great ECM but also huge damage from bonused torpedoes, enough to drop Darkside's Kronos earlier and then slowley chewed through Darkside's team. 2. AT 10 Day 8 Match 7 - Exodus. vs Agony Empire I am a little biased here being a member of Agony. Agony brought an 'Unbreakable' setup. Mediocre DPS, but not as low as people think, but a mother-f##$# of a tank. Using a Basilisk to generate cap for a logistics Tengu meant that it could tank the entire Exodus team. For nine minutes the Agony team tanked everything to the astonishment of the everyone watching. Killing a frigate meant that Agony could win with two points! However it was not to be. In the final minute Exodus found a chink in the Agony shield and took down the ferox before logistics was able to land a repair. Great fight Exodus. 1. Pandemic Legion vs Rote Kapelle WOW ... what a match. Pandemic legion, favoured to win the tournament going in pulling out the stops to take on Rote Kapelle. Bringing no less then four AT 9 tourney prize frigates and a super pimped faction fit flagship, everyone thought that it was over. Except Rote did the unexpected. Rather then going for the glory and killing those expensive frigates, they ignored them and went after the DPS taking out both PL battleships. It was all over for PL after that. PL managed to save it's prize ships but not the match.