Monday, August 2, 2010

Hydra Reloaded and Providence Take 3

'I didn't really want that Alliance anyway'.

So now it seems that Hydra is bored with providence and going somewhere else. They simply gave UK back to the old members and are on their way to do other things. Disappointing in that we were hoping for a few more good fights, but good in that it save everyone from a couple of weeks of grinding sovereignty. The most satisfying part of the whole thing however is CVA getting f*cked. Now that Agony has taken the last CVA held station system in Providence, CVA has officially lost all docking rights. You gotta love the following exchange between Aralis (of CVA) and Tarac Nor (of HYDRA) ...

[ 2010.08.02 10:54:31 ] Aralis > You barred us from your stations?
[ 2010.08.02 10:56:02 ] Tarac Nor > no i didnt
[ 2010.08.02 10:56:07 ] Tarac Nor > i gave the alliance back
[ 2010.08.02 10:56:33 ] Aralis > You gave the alliance back to UK with the stations?
[ 2010.08.02 10:56:48 ] Tarac Nor > sure, no one else wanted them
[ 2010.08.02 10:56:57 ] Aralis > Not the point.
[ 2010.08.02 10:57:15 ] Aralis > Thought this would hurt them a good bit more yet that is disappointing.
[ 2010.08.02 10:59:22 ] Aralis > Wow you really don't care about anythign do you.
[ 2010.08.02 10:59:34 ] Tarac Nor > i care for me
[ 2010.08.02 10:59:44 ] Tarac Nor > i make this game about me
[ 2010.08.02 10:59:52 ] Tarac Nor > everyone gotta have a hobbie
[ 2010.08.02 10:59:58 ] Aralis > So I gathered. Sad.

I am not sure how this is going to pan out for UK. Are they going to re-assemble or stay with CO2? Time will tell. As long as this keeps providence a bloody battleground all is good.


  1. You may already know, but UK did indeed leave Co2 and have reformed up and started to claim back their own stuff.

    Wasn't fun having them in the alliance i can tell you.

  2. Hydra had nothing to do with it, was just Tarac..
    Hydra still wanted the sov as they had plans sent out in alliance mails about provi.