Saturday, June 11, 2011

Aliance Tournament IX - Group Stages Day 1

Lots of great matches today. It was nice to see a couple of teams fielding variations of my posted setups and only a few totally fail setups. Here are my highlights:

The Ladeshi vs. The G0dfathars
Great slugfest. I would have loved to see the Macharials duke it out in a 1v1. But time was called.

Get Off My Lawn vs Wildly Inappropriate.
Get Off My Lawn fielded a Team Minmattar setup but for some reason ditched the Claymore for a Curse and a Keres. Whoops. This setup lost the 'High Speed' portion and lost control of the fight to the two Loki from Wildly Inappropriate.

Raiden. vs DarkSide.
Love the variation of my Curse Goodness setup fielded by Darkside. Armour tanked Curses are win. Still don't understand why so many teams are fielding shield tanked Curses.

Ushra'Khan vs Pandemic Legion
Pandemic Legion fielded a terrible heavy ECM setup. I assume the idea was to scare any future opponents into fitting extra wasted ECCM modules. Ushra'Khan's setup was fail so easy win for PL and mission accomplished. The reason I say the PL setup was shit is because it should have had at least some sensor damper recons or E-war frigates. Sensor dampers mess with lock speed and act as a multiplier for ECM. One or two Keres should have been fielded instead of the Kitsune. (edit: Terrible is actually more than a little harsh. It was a hood setup being PL after all, I just think it was a little too extreme)

Circle-of-Two vs RAZOR Alliance
Armour tanked Macharials on the CO2 side??? I missed watching this but can't wait for the youtube since it sounds like quite the fight. RAZOR fielded what seems to be similar to my Tier-1 Revenge setup except looking at the fits they were quite different. Lots more passive tank, lots less DPS, less speed and lots of ECCM, AC fit Feroxes, WTF this whole fight was full of wierd setups. Still, it is a pity RAZOR lost by mere seconds.

Anyways great fights all.... looking forward to tomorrow :)

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