Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aliance Tournament IX - Group Stages Day 2

Unfortunatly I missed watching the tourney on the live stream so I had to wait for the matches being posted to youtube.

In general I am pretty disappointed with the Day 2 action. ECM heavy teams did very well as most teams did not fit ECCM on their ships. In the setups I posted most of the setups used ECCM and there was a reason. A ECM setup going against a team without ECCM will win handily.

So for this comming weekend, please, everyone add ECCM to their setups. Even the setups I had posted that did not use ECCM (like the tier-1 revenge) probably should drop an e-war on each ship and put on an ECCM. Even just putting 3 projected ECCM modules on a cormorant or two could make a big difference.

There are the matches that I though were pretty good:

Circle Of Two vs Outbreak
Great match with Outbreak bringing the Team Minmattar Setup I had posted about earlier. Basically a copy of the PL setup from last year. It handedly trashed Circle of Two.

We Form VOLTRON vs Power of Two
I really like Voltron's setup here. Makes no apologies for being high damage. Spectacular how fast Power of Two ships went down after being tackled by the long range scrams of the Proteus. Still the remarkable tank of the Tengus held up amazingly well.

Aggravated Assault.. vs The R0NIN
Interesting fight in which Aggravated Assault brought the ridiculous heavy e-war setup used by PL. The R0NIN showed why the setup is indeed crap. A few recons/T3 which I assumed had ECCM = no more ECM and a victory for R0NIN. Watch this fight to see how to take down ECM setups.

Black Legion. vs Nulli Secunda
Potentially interesting site between two potentially great setups. At first I was excitted to see two armour tanking curses being fielded. Regretably looking at lossmails there was no real synergy on the Nulli Secunda side. It really does not make sense to waste 2 mid-slots on a Curse with small Capacitor boosters. Put a cap tx mod on the guardian instead if you must or better yet replace the Legion with something a bit more appropriate. Black Legion went with Sliepnir/cyclone team minmattar variation. A very nice setup which brought them victory. However they really should be putting ECCM on those easy to jam Minmattar ships.

Pandemic Legion vs Unaffiliated
Hard not to feel bad for Unaffiliated going up against PL. Not only has PL won the last three tourneys, has excellent pilots, but they are also fielding over 1 billion skillpoints. Personally I thought Unaffiliated put in a good effort with their setup, but it was not enough. With ships from all 4 races they were vulnerable to ECM despite loss-mails showing some use of ECCM on their T1 ships. Once their curse went down it was over.

Against ALL Authorities vs Raiden
Again team-minmatar (cyclone variation) vs a kiting setup with Tengus and bombers. Despite a very nice bombing run from Raiden, it was all over pretty quick once those same bombers went down.

Team-minmatar (with ECCM) > ECM > kiting > crap

Also, if you are putting together a dogs breakfast of a team... consider just pulling successful teams from years past instead.

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