Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Current Users of EVE ... Looks to be down about 10%

On the EVE online homepage there is a little graph showing the server population. At present it looks like there are noticeably less players on EVE then the same time last week.

It is a bit hard to tell due to server crashes and upgrades yesterday and DDOS attacks last week, but clearly the light green line (today) is not only lower than the red line for yesterday, but also lower then the purple line for last week. Eyeballing it I would say it is around 10% down.

It is hard not to blame Incarna and the protests. I am clearly not alone in my massive dissatisfaction with this latest patch resulting in my quitting.

CCP is rapidly loosing all credibility. Which is a shame. There was once a time when CCP had great plans for EVE. I was watching a 2009 youtube video starring Seleen (current CSM member, former CCP employee) talking about what great new features will be implemented after Dominion.

To summarize, he basically said once the core of Dominion was in they would move to doing things like the following:
Treaty Systems
    -taxes for allies in systems
    -blue for certain systems
    -central wallet for friendly fire incidents

Expand Military Upgrade possibilities
    -defense bunkers w guns near gates
    -starbases building something valuable.
    -fighter and bomber garrisons
    -intelligence tools (monitor traffic through stargates)

Upgrade to dock a Supercarrier
Agents into 0.0 outposts.
'Sky is the Limit'

If Incarna had some or even any of these enhancements I am sure that light green line would be on the other side of the red/purple lines. One of those pixels in that green line would even be Toterra come my TZ.

Edit: Trend (green below purple) seemed to have held until the extended downtime.


  1. If you are quitting, then quit already.

  2. Although the criticism of CCP is certainly valid, without comparison to typical online number fluctuations (which I imagine can be found) or a bit more rigorous analysis, it's a bit weak to link the two.

    It would be interesting to see if anyone has tracked the player population over the course of all the CCP patches by online activity.

    That being said, as a long time EVE player I would also love to see core gameplay improvements over bells and whistles.

  3. @paritybit,
    Posting a comment raging against me posting about my raging against EVE. Do you see the Irony here?

  4. @Dartonias,
    Agreed, it is really hard to get good metrics at this point. However I recall other expansions causing a spike upwards in players, not downwards. More data would be great and I am sure CCP is going over the numbers very very carefully.

  5. I'm not raging. I'm just tiring of the pattern: "EVE SUCKS I QUIT!" followed by "EVE STILL SUCKS, I'M QUITTING EVEN MORE!" followed by "EVE SUCKS, SEE HOW BAD IT IS?" and sadly the pattern repeats without pause.

    If you didn't love it so much, you wouldn't rage so much. So stop raging and try to be an agent of change. Hint: they won't read past the rage.

  6. Unsubscribing to this blog. I only read EVE blogs by people who ACTUALLY LIKE EVE online. Go play perpetuum if that's what you prefer but PLEASE spare us the ranting and whining. Why would you write a post to try and show the world what a dumb unpopular game EVE is? Are you grasping for reasons to validate the fact that you no longer play after unsubbing?

    The last thing EVE needs is people like you who ENJOY tearing it down.

  7. I'm subscribing to this blog. I only read Eve blogs who actually care about eve online. I'm going to continue playing eve because that's what I prefer. But please continue to talk about how your unsubscribing from this blog. :p

  8. I was keeping an eye the the server graph most days last week and I can tell that for the most part it was between a 10% and 20% jump on the previous week. I would suggest that comparing the numbers this week to the numbers the same day last week, they day that happened to be the release of the new expansion, could be a little skewed. if you want to draw any conclusions from this, a bunch of people jumped on to try out incarna, saw it was exactly as had been announced and went back to what they were doing. Resulting in a net change of zero compared to the previous week.

    I completely agree that if CCP had introduced the Treaty system and the expanded military upgrade systems then some of the people complaining would be much happier, but then a whole other bunch of people would e just as unhappy. If there was still no sign of Incarna at all, people would be pissed.

    That's the biggest problem with a company sharing it's plans with the community, CCP really wants to tell us all the cool things that they have planned or are working on, but the fact is that in software development, especially game development, shit can go wrong. Time after time you see players dragging out something that a developer said "wouldn't it be cool if" as another promise broken by CCP. It's a wonder CCP tells us anything at all. When you comparing the amount of information we DO get from CCP to any other game company on earth, CCP stacks up damn well.

    Unfortunately we are stuck with a vocal minority of players that happen to be greed impatient little bastards with unreasonable expectations about what features can be impalements and how long it really takes to do so.

    (That last comment was not directed at the blog poster, more in general at the even community forums and the players there who seem to enjoy creating an environment of vitriol and hatred. If you don't wanna play in the sand box anymore, that's fine, take your toys and go, but there is no reason to shit in the box and ruin the game for everyone else, that's just childish.)

  9. Correlation does not imply causation. It's summer, people are probably outside.

  10. @Van
    What do you mean that Correlation does not imply causation of course it does. That is why we have 'talk like a pirate' day. It was noticed that global warming has an inverse relationship with the number of pirates since about 1800. Less pirates = warmer Earth. By pretending to be pirates we are trying to reverse this trend.


  11. @maestro,
    I am truly saddened that you no longer will subscribe to this blog. I understand the frustrations you have with it having turned from a fanboi blog to one filled with rage. Be assured however that I love EVE. However the Incarna changes have prevented me from playing in a manner that I enjoy. I am continuing to blog about these changes because I have a faint hope that CCP will revert certain things and return to developing the game into the best sci-fy gaming experience possible not a second-rate, overpriced, toy.

  12. Sorry if I sounded mean...and I appreciate your response and also understand where you are coming from. However, I do think many in the EVE community (and several bloggers) have overreacted over incarna. Please try to understand that a large part of the playerbase (including myself) find the CQ to be an improvement to the old hangar. We are also willing to give CCP a chance on the MT situation.

    The main thing to remember is that Incarna has NOT made EVE worse. It has only expanded in areas that do not affect YOU. So when I see bloggers post over and over again that they are unsubbing in an effort to get CCP to notice them, it comes across as rather immature.

    I'm optimistic about the future of EVE and one of the things that drew me in was an enthusiastic blogging community. I'm fine with some controversial discussion but please consider curbing your rage. Go back to showing your love for EVE (despite its quirks and the imperfections of its developers) through your blog and I will continue to subscribe and enjoy!

  13. @maestro,
    The problem is that I can't return to my normal blogging, even if I wanted to. For example I had recently created a new character and went through the new player experience taking notes in detail. I was then going to do the same thing after Incarna. This was going to be part of an article series about the new player experience, the changes, the good, the bad, some advice for new players etc. However I can't now. Any post I have would be full of issues like my avatar not rendering for the first 30 minutes and the computer crashing while walking around CQ. I hate missions yet I did about 30 of them in a noob-ship/t1 frigate for this article. But that is all wasted now.