Thursday, March 22, 2012

Subscribers Down?

Watching the CAM panel an interesting graph was presented showing the vote counts and percent turnouts I noticed something interesting....

CSM 6 - 49096 votes 14.25% turnout = 344533 subscribers
CSM 7 - 59109 votes 17.49% turnout = 337959 subscribers

Total drop of subscribers = 6574 about 2%

Of course it is also possible that the election results are inaccurate so I wouldn't place too much faith in these numbers.

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  1. Hilmar stated in an interview (I briefly tried to find which one, but he's been doing a ton of interviews lately due to DUST) that subscriptions were down from the high water mark last year due to unsubs after Incarna, but were up overall for 2011 thanks to an upturn post-Crucible. I'm assuming that the high water mark pre-Incarna covered the CSM6 election period.