Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back in Agony

So after spending a year wondering New Eden, I have returned to the only corp where I truly felt at home, Agony Unleashed. It has been an interesting year, I participated in 500 man Maelstrom fleets, asked for and received ransoms, failed at starting a noob corp (twice) and joined the carnage of Red vs Blue. But Agony is really where I belong. A null-sec corp that cares more about blowing stuff up then blowing up their ego. I seem to have joined at a good time too. Several old members are back. We live in Syndicate now, which, with Outbreak moving into our home system this past few days, should provide for much pew pew.

Just before I joined up Temprail (from Agony) completed a nice video called 'This is Syndicate'. Unlike the usual EVE video this one combines both great fights with an artistic eye. Well worth watching...

1 comment:

  1. Congrats. I was surprised to see you'd left Agony. I enjoyed flying in some of your fleets in my brief time in Agony and I thought you looked quite comfortable there. So kudos on getting back in with them. Have fun!