Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mittani has Resigned - Removal from CSM and 30 Day Ban Imposed by CCP

According to the following dev-blog :

Personally my respect for him is much higher then before the entire incident started. He clearly has done exactly the right thing in response to his actions once he had read the transcript. CCP did exactly the right thing by banning him for 30 days and removing him from the CSM. I understand there are those who called for him to stay on, but it appears he made his decision and I actually applaud him for it. It was really the only action that was possible. His resignation from the chairmanship and removal from CSM 7 should end this story and put an end to the distraction it has caused from an incredible fan-fest and launch of DUST514.

He will be able to run in a future CSM and for once, I can say without reservation, that we will likely have my vote.

Edit: Just listened to the 'State of the Goonion' .... I take it all back. "We will test the waters by destroying Jita" ??? "Understand that I have been fucked" ??? What a self-important twit.

Edit2: WTF is all this crap about this being CCPs fault for not vetting the presentations ahead of time. Do people really want all player driven communication to be censored first! Let's face it, next years alliance panel will be lame. CCP gave us players a little bit of rope and we (or at least our alliance leaders) hung ourselves. It what world can we, the players, blame CCP.

Edit 3: Mittani seems to have calmed down and understands what is happening. Voices of the Void Interview. CCP had no choice. Tough but that is just the way that it is. And I agree with him that the media stories were so innacurate, however that is usually the story. Anytime you hear a story in the news and you know more about it then the reporter, the mistakes just make you cringe. Deal with it.

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  1. Yes, I still haven't figured out how CCP "threw him under the bus."

    Regarding him running for CSM again: maybe, maybe not. When Larkonis was kicked from the CSM, CCP told him he could run again. Then, when the next election came around, they changed their mind and told him he couldn't. So there's no reason they won't do the same thing to Mittens.