Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WTF is this..... EVE Commissioned Officer Edition

Check it out on Massively

To quote the WTF part...

On October 19th in North America, the studio is releasing a new boxed edition of the game, titled EVE Online: Commissioned Officer Edition. The "commissioned officer" refers to an exclusive in-game item that comes with the package, a Cerebral Accelerator implant that will give a significant boost to new pilot skill development for the first 30 days.

EDIT: Here is the official press release from CCP.


  1. Don't new accounts already receive accelerated training?

  2. Apparently this is like super accelerated training. My guess it is +5 implant for all attributes that works for one month. The problems this will cause are innumerable.

  3. The new character training bonus is in place instead of the ~800000SP worth of skills you started with earlier. So you can spend those points on skills you really want.
    I don't see the problem with this implant or with the PLEX for Neural remaps. It will not change the game, merely it will allow ppl who start the game now to get into their desired ships faster. I for one would gladly use a PLEX for boosted training for X days service to get into a ship in one year instead of two. Because now I can wait for two years or buy a toon on character bazaar thats is a close or not so close match for the skills I want to learn.