Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plex for Remap - How I think it should be done

Many, many people have complained about CCPs apparent decision to offer PLEX for neural re-map. Some high profile players may have even quit EVE over it. The problem was not just how it was communicated (through an interview not through the CSM or a DEV Blog) but also that the idea sucks. My main complaint was that EVE is an expensive game and asking people to spend more money on the game is greedy and going to actually cost them in the end.

If I was CCP this is how I would do it:

First I would make neural re-map an in-game item. It could either be stand-alone or, better yet, something that can be manufactured from new and existing in-game items. The new items would drop rarely in low-sec space only from rats. By adjusting the drop-rate CCP can make the price of a remap hover around 350 million isk price point or so. This would have the added advantage of increasing players doing missions/ratting in low-sec.

In fact with a little bit of programming they could make the neural re-map a really dark and cool feature IMHO. This would be the list of items:

1. Sansha Neural conduit (illegal in hi-sec)
2. Gurista Neural Stimulant (illegal in hi-sec)
3. Angel reincarnation loop (illegal in hi-sec)
4. Blood Raider neuron extract (illegal in hi-sec)
5. 10 corpses of pilot to be remapped
6. 100 live 'humans' (Exotic dancers, marines etc you get the idea)

Reaction must take place in a lowsec station with the pilot docked in that station. Reaction does not have to be done by the pilot.

All items including 'humans' are consumed

Pilot gets a neural remap option.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Would this be a possible CSM proposal?


  1. actually I really like that idea, including the grocery list. I don't think people would want to do this for the free remaps though, so you'd have to work around that possibly. Maybe just explain it away as Concord has special tech that can do it without said items.

  2. I think you do not understand the idea. It won't make your game any more expensive. It is not a thing that you have to do. You have your remaps with at least 12 months time between them. But lets just imagine there is a player just comming to EvE and he really likes the idea of logistic ships. He does not want to wait for years to fly one well so he uses this PLEX for remap feature to boost his learning phase (wont make that much of a difference). Without this he has other options, like buying a toon on the character bazaar which will make him buy a few plexes to meet the prices.
    How will this feature make your game any more expensive?
    How do you think he will have an 'unfair' advantage over your character?
    How it is bad for the game, to allow lower SP characters to learn a little faster? (If you are not a low SP character and are learning 30day skills you do not really need this feature.)