Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blake Lotto and How to win a Freki

If there is one ship in Eve that I would desire above all others it would have to be the Freki. 50 were given out to the 2nd place winners of the VII alliance tournament and no more will be produced. In short these ships are pure winsauce. Basically they created sort of a super-Jaguar and combined it with a super-Hyena. The end result is pretty much perfection. Oddly enough, the first place prize, the Mimir, kindof sucks eggs.

Anyways, the point of this post is to mention a lottery that a corp-mate of mine is running with a Freki as the main prize. Here is the main thread for details. I am not sure if there ever will be another chance to win one of these 25 billion ships again.

So while thinking about it, watch this match from AT VIII where circle of two fielded three of these awesome ships to win a second round match.

Edit... Lotto is sold out now. I didn't win :(

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