Thursday, October 21, 2010

My wishes for the next Alliance Tourney Prizes

Writing about the Freki last post made me think about the prizes needed for the next alliance tournament. To be frank, the prizes for the last two tournaments have been a little pointless. With the possible exception of the Freki that is usefull for alliance tournament combat and that is about it, they are hanger decorations. What I would like to see is prizes that are actually going to be used, and blown up. People do fly and loose expensive ships all the time. A Freki costs approximately the same (give or take) as a super-carrier or a pimped out mission ship. The problem is that none of the alliance tournament prizes can do anything of note. For someone to actually fly the ship it must:

1. Be the best ship for that purpose.
2. Have a good chance of making it back to the hanger.
3. Make a real difference in a fight PvP/PvE

So here is what I suggest. Both of these ships are awesome, but I also think both ships would actually leave station. The Naga would be seen running LV 4 missions in Empire. It would be tough to suicide gank, but not impossible. The Fly-Swatter would be a major asset to any alliances fleet operations. Worth risking in the field to get a drop on a Super-carrier or a Titan Fleet.

If Caldari hosts it ( I will do Amarr at a later time )

1st place - 20x The Naga BPC - Field Command Ship (Ultimate Mission Ship)

Based on the Hull of the Drake the Naga represents the ultimate in missile platform technology. Pirates run in fear at the thought of one of these unloading a volley of hell on a target. Containing a unique shield defense core extracted from an archealogy site deep in wormhole space, its shield systems are the best to be found in New Eden.

BattleCruiser Skill Bonus:

* 20% bonus to assault missile, heavy assault missile and heavy missile damage per level
* 20% bonus to shield recharge rate per level

Special Ability:

* 25% bonus to assault missile, heavy assault missile and heavy missile velocity flight time and precision
* 25% bonus to shield resists

Role Bonus: 99% reduction in Warfare Link Module CPU Need

Powergrid 1000MW
CPU 1000TF
High Slots: 8
Medium Slots 6
Low Slots 5
Turrets 1
launchers 8
RigSlots 2

Shield HP 5400
ArmourHP 3400
Max Velocity 160 m/s
Shield Recharge time: 1250 sec

Drone Capacity: 25m3

2nd Place - 20 x Fly-Swatter BPC - Interdictor (ultimate bubbler)

A secret, heavily funded, experimental project commissioned by Caldari leadership created the Fly-Swatter. Unfortunately the design of this vessel was left incomplete after an a raid by Sansha forces. Despite this from the wreckage of the shipyard, enough was gleamed to create 20 copies of an experimental prototype of this vessel. Incorporating components developed from sleeper sites, and technology developed by the Crielere Project, no other ship in the universe can come in without detection, plant an interdiction bubble, and warp out at the same time.

Destroyer Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to speed per level
Interdictor Skill Bonus: 20% bonus to Interdiction Sphere Launcher rate of fire per level

Role Bonus
- Interdiction Sphere Launchers and covert ops cloaks require 99% less CPU when fitted on this ship

Note 1: can fit covert ops cloaks and Interdiction Sphere Launchers
Note 2: Immunity to non-targeted interdiction

High Slots: 3
Medium Slots: 3
Low Slots: 2
Shield HP 351
Armour HP 300
Max velocity 315m/s

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