Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things you should know about 0.0 Part 2

In part 1 I talked about lots of the dangers of 0.0 for new players. In this part I am going to talk about some of the opportunities that are present.

1. 0.0 Rats are VERY tasty

Ratting in 0.0 is much much better then in empire. Even in relatively crappy areas like Syndicate, you are as likely as not to see a million isk+ BS spawn in a belt. This may not seem like much to experienced players, but to a new player it is very very nice. Even if you get ganked after 30 minutes you and a friend or two in a insured T1 cruiser will likely come out significantly ahead. As for how to fit see point 2.

2. Ratters fit extreme PvE

What this means is that if you look at the local rats, you can make a pretty good guess at what the local PVE ships are vulnerable to. For example, where I live in providence, the rats are Sansha. Sansha do EM/Therm damage and are vulnerable to the same. As a result most of the PVE ships in the area will be setup to massively tank EM/Therm with poor Kinetic / Explosive resists and little buffer. So if you have a PvP ship that does Kinetic / Explosive damage with good EM / Thermal resists and a good buffer, you can probably kill a much larger PvE setup ship in Providence. For example a Hound is pretty much ideal.

3. A noob in a T1 Frigate can kill most interceptors. and you will see lots of interceptors

Yes, that is right, your cheapfit T1 frigate like a Rifter or a Merlin can kill a decked out T2 Interceptor with a highly skilled pilot with a few exceptions. What you need to do is fit an afterburner, a warp scrambler, a stasis webifier, short range guns as as much tank as you can fit. If you manage to scram-web (like the blog name) an interceptor you will probably win. The trick is to get them into range. Fortunately, interceptor pilots are usually overconfident and will approach you at full speed and/or warp to a planet at 0. There are no tears as sweet as a high SP char loosing a T2 ship to a noob.