Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello World

Welcome to my new Eve blog. Let me introduce myself. My name is Toterra (in eve not in real life) and I am a 18 month old capsuleer. Currently I am flying with Agony Unleashed and I have been with them for about a year.

Like many players Eve is my first MMO. I had been considering joining an MMO for several years but never really made the jump. I forget what it was exactly that drew me to Eve, but once I started researching it I was hooked. I quickly created a trial account and started a Gallente character. After using him for a week I discovered that I had erred in my original by giving my character a lot of charisma thinking that this would be a great skill. So I rolled a new Minmattar character and called him Toterra. The main reason for choosing Minmattar was the Rifter, which I had been told was the best T1 frigate and so I wanted to fly it.

Anyways after a week of doing empire missions, I moved to low-sec space since the missions there were more lucrative. Flying in lowsec knowing that at any moment I could be pounced on and get some real PvP was certainly more thrilling then the hi-sec missions which were already getting boring. Sadly there was not really any PvP for me. I was never probed out and succesfully dodged the gate camps. Exciting but certainly not the instant death I had been warned about.

Soon I had grinded my standings high enough to join the Minattar Millitia and started joining up in fleets. This was a lot of fun where every night I X'd up in the milliatia channel and added my rifter or thrasher to the blob. I was in awe of the FCs knowledge and ability to win fights. After a friendly fire incident I lost standings and ended up joining a small corp living in the low-sec parts of Metropolis.

Metropolis was a lot of fun. We were really bad (best player was less than a year old and rather clueless) but we had a couple of fights and spent a bunch of time effectively 'living' in space.

After the CEO went mysteriously AFG I bailed on the corp and decided to join a small 0.0 corp living in Curse. This was a huge step up and it was fun to be in fights similar to those I experienced in FW, but with more organization.

One of my goals since FW was to do the Agony PVP basic course. Finally I managed to get a spot in a class and learned more in 6 hours then I had in the previous 4 months. Thinking that this was the place for me I put in an app and joined up with them.

One year later I am a decent FC, I can kill a Taranis in my Rifter, and entire alliances cower in fear when I pop into local. Ok, maybe not the last one so much but it has been a good run.

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