Friday, June 25, 2010

Things you should know about 0.0 - Part 1

As a denizen of 0.0 I occasionally come across some noobs having going on a cruise to find out what it is like. Sometimes they are alone, other times they are in groups. I highly encourage this but it does usually end badly. Often they don't understand what happened and why they ended up dieing. This is the first part of a series of articles about things you should know.

1. You are being watched:

You may not realize it but you presence is being detected as you jump through systems. Unless the system is empty (just you in local) mains and alts of the local alliances are watching you and tracking your movements. It is possible that they don't care at that particular point to intercept you, but they are aware of you and there probably is already a response fleet heading your way. Remember that most players have out of corp alts scattered around, so don't feel reassured if all you see are some 2 week old characters in local.

2. They will hunt you down

It may seem pointless but unless the locals have absolutely nothing better to do they will hunt you down and engage you. This is EvE, this is why they play the game. Whether it is because they assume you are an alt of an enemy or just for sport their first reaction will be to destroy you. There are some exceptions of course. Some alliances have a NRDS (Not Red Don't Shoot) policy. However they are the minority, and there are others occupying the same space who are not as gentle.

3. When they engage you they will ensure that they will win.

While everyone says they are looking for a fair fight, you will find that there are no fair fights. When they engage you they will be sure that they have enough to take you, probably easily. See point 1 about them tracking you and knowing your fleet composition, age, past killboard stats, likely loadouts etc.

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