Friday, April 13, 2012

Professional EVE Players - The EVE is EASY project

When I first noticed the EVE is Easy website and videos from Garmon and Willl Adama, I was stunned at the professional quality of the videos and the amount of work that went into the projects. I suspected that it might be more than just a hobby project and it turns out I appear to be right. In the latest video, a 'preview' video, the content and more importantly, the comments, indicate that this is going to be a paid site. See the video and comments for yourself here:

EVE is EASY - Dual Thorax Guide [preview] + New EIE Site Details!

In particular this comment is very telling:
No Scams :)

We are going to be working on this website full-time pretty much, so there is going to be a commercial aspect to it. The details aren't worked out yet, just stay tuned for the 14th!

eveiseasy in reply to benos59 1 day ago 6

Have Garmon and/or Willl Adama become full-time EVE players. Apparently such professional players do exist in other games. The life of a pr0 is pretty sweet (seee I guess.

If so this is an interesting development within EVE. Of course they may not actually be the first. Aside from the RMT guys mostly running bot farms there are rumors of Russian FCs being paid to play. In a game where virtual goods have valuations in the thousands of dollars, such a development is not surprising.

As for the EVE is Easy site there are now more questions than answers. We don't know how much it will cost, will it be a one-time fee or a subscription model, nor exactly how successful it is going to be. All will apparently be revealed in a few days when the site goes live. We do know that Abbadon21, who seems to the third person working on this site, has his own instructional site with a one-time membership fee of $30.

So I wish these guys good luck with their venture. I don't know if I will subscribe to the site. Depends on the cost mostly. But with Garmon and Adama running it, it is quite tempting.

Of course if you are looking for an introduction to EVE pvp you really can't do any better than take the Agony Unleashed PVP-Basic course. We teach groups of students the basics of how to fit and fly frigates in 0.0. We also offer an intermediate course in destroyers, and an advanced course in cruisers which cover a wide range of topics in much more depth.

Edit: $15 per month... $199 for a lifetime subscription ... too rich for my blood.


  1. Looks like they're asking $19/month, which is more expensive than Eve itself :p

  2. @goodness357,
    Yeah, kindof about what I expected, I hoped for something less monocle like.