Monday, April 23, 2012

Sard Caid Guest FC Agony Alumni Roam Plus Two More Things

Just a couple of quick things for today:

1. If you an Alumni of one of the Agony Unleashed courses I highly suggest you have a look at our Guest FC roam and seminar led by none other then Sard Caid (bloodthirsty pirate/twitchtv streamer)! You can check out the enrollment thread here --> [06 May @ 18:00] Alumni Roam / Seminar with Special Guest FC - Sard Caid! This is going to be an absolute blast!

2. Check out the new missile animations. They are asking for feedback and they are awesome! I love the missiles tracking out of the silos.

3. Lastly just in case any of you are living under a rock.... go show your support for the LEGO Rifter project. As of this writing we are 88% of the way there to LEGO looking at making a kit. I WANT ONE! For those who are worried about getting spam from signing up, I signed up over a month ago and have not received a single unsolicited email from them. So no excuses... we have 300k subscribers to EVE, I don't see why we don't have that many support votes for EVE LEGO!

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