Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Navy Faction Ship Prices - Side Effect of Incursions

One of the rewards of doing incusion sites, aside from the ISK, is the LP rewards. As I understand it (never actually done an incursion) you get LP that can be cashed in at any of the empire faction LP stores. This has had many side affects. For me the most notable was the complete mess it made of Faction Ammo pricing that I had been using with my trader alt as my main source of money. With much greater supply, prices for faction ammo stabilized :(. My profits were no more.

Another effect has been the price of navy faction ships. Let's look at the frigate prices

Ship Name
Jan 4, 2011
Jan 4, 2012
Caldari Navy Hookbill
Federation Navy Comet
Republic Fleet Firetail
Imperial Navy Slicer

Amazingly these prices put these ships that used to cost more than Assault ships a couple of years ago, down to interceptor prices. The Imperial Navy Slicer is probably the most remarkable of these ships. A super fast ammar frigate that can kite pretty much anything, and thanks to scorch, do significant damage outside of scram range.

The trend is less consistent but still present for cruisers as well. A Stabber Fleet Issue which cost 85 million last January, costs 67 million today. That is about half the price of a Vagabond. Quite amazing.


  1. Where are you getting the Hookbill price from....Rens is never that cheap makes me rage

  2. Korg,
    I went off the Jita price. Presently in Jita the buy price is 16.2m ISK, the sell is 15.2m ISK for a hookbill.