Sunday, January 29, 2012

EVE 2009 and 2012 ... Gate Crash Bug

So after a couple of days cursing and moaning at my machine I have re-installed EVE, re-installed windows, updated drivers and the like, yet I still crash on about 5% of the gates. For example, going from Otou to Hek crashed my EVE client 100% of the time. Not all gates, and it seems not all players, but something is totally broken. With the game now completely broken for large numbers of players, we all look to CCP for answers. CCP Habakuk | EVE Quality Assurance places a nice post on the issues thread saying assuring us that 1. The know what the problem is and 2. Fix almost ready. But then, 36 hours later, bug is still there and no more information is forthcoming. I know that it is the weekend and all but, geez get your act together and talk to us.

Of course this is all familiar. A couple of years ago during the Apocrypha expansion CCP started monkeying about with cloaking and module activation. They broke the whole MWD-Cloak warp trick eliciting huge tears from the player base. They undid the changes and broke gates. Basically, everyone was disconnecting every three or four gates. Made roams very very frustrating. It took them days to fix :(

So CCP, get your act together. You are right now competing with that Star Wars game which has suffered from some serious bugs. Fix your stuff, or at least talk to your players about progress on a solution. Bugs happen, it is how you deal with them that matters.

Edit: New post from CCP Looks like the fix will go in on tuesday. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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