Sunday, November 14, 2010

You know you have spent too much time on Ventrilo when...

Playing EVE a lot can lead to interesting manners on conference calls at work.

Makes sense in EVE:
Toterra has launched scan probes.

Does not make sense in RL:
Toterra is rebooting the database server. (followed by someone asking who is Toterra)

Makes sense in EVE:
BREAK BREAK ... Pandemic Legion Recon entering system

Does not make sense in RL
BREAK BREAK ... Microsoft Sales Rep is here.

Make sense in EVE:
That is a lot of ISK.

Does not make sense in RL:
That is a lot of ISK.

Anyone else have some embarrassing moments?

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  1. Hey, I just started reading your blog today and find it great to read! I realize this is a few years late but I had to put something up on this post.

    In both TeamSpeak and Mumble I use "push to talk" and use the "v" key to activate it. I find myself, after long Eve sessions, habitually moving my left index finger as if I'm pushing that key before I talk to someone while away from my computer. Not quite as good as "break break" but still funny!