Thursday, November 25, 2010

No More Learning Skills

Someone at CCP finally got a clue.... NO MORE LEARNING SKILLS!!

This is a huge change for new players. It means that they can actually get on with playing the game, not messing around learning useless skills because they are worried that a year down the road they will fall behind in training relative to what they could be.

Thanks CCP... you make me happy long time :):):):)


  1. I was actually a bit peeved at first when I read the news, thinking my new character would get the shaft both in terms of time lost early on to skilling up the learning skills.

    I figure Charbone ends up a little down in the short term but makes it up in the long run, as do the other people I helped focus on learning skill training in our now defunct corp. (I had a buddy that sent me a good chunk of ISK and a training plan for skill books, and I ended up spreading it around). I feel worse for the people who recently had to grind out the isk for those - wish they could get the cost reimbursed somehow.

    What I applaud though is the decision to make it more inviting to new players - EVE has got to sustain and grow that player base. Good choice CCP.

  2. I only found this blog today - great work for the Eve community, thanks a lot!

    Sorry about being off-topic - is there a way to subscribe to your blog via RSS/Atom?

    I found the "Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)" but that only allows me to subscribe to the comments, not to the posts themselves.


  3. nm, I found that while the Atom link on each individual post is for comment subscription, the same one on the blog's home page is for the posts.

    Looking forward to read your great posts in the future!