Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Loosing at EVE :(

I think I am officially loosing at EVE. I tried my best... I sold off most of my assets, sold my main, donated all of the proceeds to PLEX for GOOD. I had an alt with a carrier... I gave her and the carrier away to an old corpmate. I have done pretty much everything I could do to not play the game and quit.

Yet what was I doing last night..... I was playing EVE. My new character 'Toterra The Second' has only about 300k skillpoints, can't really win any fights, yet I am busy flying and loosing him in faction warfare.


I will keep trying but dammit.. this game is hard to quit! Perhaps I should try mining or something.


  1. If you have the time for it, and are enjoying the time spent, then where's the problem with playing?

    Do what's good, what's fun. No shame in starting over; frankly I wish I had a SP toon with a third of my main's SP for cheaper thrills using a inexpensive clone.

    1. Thanks for the reply Sard. The issue for me is that EVE was feeding a bunch of negatives as I was going through some challenges in my life. Playing EVE is a huge time sink. You can start playing at 10pm for a couple of minutes, and before you realize it is 3am. I really need to pay a lot more attention to my health, my family and my career and EVE just does not fit in anymore.

      Ideally I would play once every week or so for a couple of hours to relax... but like any addiction it just does not work that way. It seems to be either a second job, or none at all sort of thing.

    2. I do feel its entirely possible to play EVE casually, especially if you focus on lower SP conflict within RvB or FW. For income, I personally have a hard time stomaching more than an hour or two of missioning, and virtually never spend over a combined total of an hour doing station trading. Regarding station trading, its usually a minute or two every 15 or so minutes, spread out over a few hours.

      You're in a better position to play casually, having played the game and I assume knowing how to make easier isk and condense your play time. However, if what you find yourself doing isn't healthy, then you know what you need to do.

    3. Regarding play time, I frankly find myself sitting down to play EVE about as long as I would with other games, books, etc. It's all about how you manage your time personally. Within EVE, I think the only activities that really requires loads of hours is alliance/SOV/leadership work, otherwise you can accomplish quite a bit within 1-2 hours, especially if you sit down with a plan, have friends willing to help, etc.