Thursday, November 21, 2013

Going out with a BANG - Donating Toterra to PLEX for Good

For a variety of reasons I am no longer playing EVE. It has been a great 5 years, but I just can't get into the game and have been thinking about quitting for a while now. With the PLEX for good announcement I have decided to donate my character to Typhoon relief and make it permanent.

As a result I am selling Toterra. All proceeds will be contributed to Typhoon relief.

Here is my post onthe EVE O Forums: WTA 83 Million SP Sub-cap pilot * All isk will be donated to PLEX for good

Thanks for everyone who has ever flown with or against me. I would especially like to thank Agony Unleashed for just being awesome. I can`t recommend enough that new players should do one of their courses.



  1. This is pretty great of you, Toterra. I recall you were my first FC once I joined Agony and it's been excellent to know you. Thanks for your many contributions to the game. While I hate to see you go, you're going out in spectacular fashion and the Plex for Good is a fine way to cap your EvE "career." Thanks for the fun and be well, man.

  2. Amazing idea, Toterra. We will miss your contributions to the game greatly.

    - ROX G

  3. Thanks for all the kind words Carver and Rox G.... Who knows, I still have this account for 8 more months and may just start a noob character... but that way does lie madness.

  4. Damn, Toterra! The universe just won't be quite the same without you in it! I sure have missed flying with you ... but this is the classiest "exit" from Eve I've ever seen!

    All my best wishes to you! Hope you get the Eve itch again soon :)