Wednesday, September 11, 2013

KILL ALL THE THINGS 3 - Locked in here with ME!

Here is my third EVE video. In it I am flying a Firetail using a dual web fitting. It was great fun making this video and I hope you all enjoy it...

Kill all the things 3 - Locked in Here With Me


  1. Great video. I enjoyed the commentary. Much better than dubstep. I'll be sure to point new players here for some pointers.

    Something that would be nice to see is to show some of your losses as well and point out where the fight went south.

    Also, about the merlin: it lost the optimal range bonus quite a while ago. It was replaced with a hybrid damage bonus. So it effectively has the same range as an incursus. However, getting under his guns is a valid strategy for a shield buffer fit like that where he doesn't have an AB.

    1. Woooa... they changed the Merlin to a damage boat.... That brings up soooo many cool possibilities. This is what happens when you don't pay enough attention to patch notes for different races.

      As for losses, my other two videos had those. My firetail seems to be on a hot streak lately so no losses with it.

      (I probably could do a video of just losses from experiments with a dual rep Ishkur but I don't think anyone would want to watch that)

  2. Nice vids, Toterra. I'm recommending them to our PVP students.

    - ROX Genghis

    1. Thanks ROX....

      Hopefully my situation will change and I will be able to come back home to Agony in a while.