Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kill All the Things - Episode 1

For some crazy reason I decided to try my hand at making some EVE videos. Each video will have lots of small scale solo fights and include whatever commentary as to what I think is happening.

Here is my first video: Kill All the Things - Episode 1 - Faction warfare PVP with a Tristan

In this video I use what has become my favorite T1 frigate, the Tristan. A hard ship to fly what with all the things that have to be managed successfully. It also really requires a high amount of SP as well (drone interfacing V, drones V, gallente frigate V, max fitting, max armour tanking, great navigation etc...). My commentary in the video pretty much says it all. After doing this I have a lot of respect for other EVE videographers, the amount of work to produce this was unexpectedly enormous.

Anyways, have a look, and be on the lookout for more (probably one a month).

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