Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Endorsement for CSM - Matias “Brave Newbie” Otero and Zander (Crossing Zebras)

After listening to a bunch of podcasts and 'interviews' I have decided who I would vote for. Either Matias Otero or Zander. Neither has announced running for the CSM. I am not even sure that Matias knows what the CSM is, but listening to them they clearly would make better CSM members than any of the announced candidates.

Matias Otero
Within one month of starting to play EVE created he has grown his new corp to over a thousand members strong. Listening to him on the Declarations of War podcast, he obviously has way more recent experience as a new player who is very involved in the game then any of the veterans that have announced. Stupid game mechanics that we have long forgotten about (like the idiocy of game mechanics basically encouraging war-decking new player corps) are stupid to him. He is articulate and clearly willing to do what it takes to learn the game. I feel he would actually bring something to the CSM that CCP could actually use.

Host of the Crossing Zebras podcast, he has interviewed most of the announced candidates. His interviews are first rate. Although he claims to be off working on an oil rig, I would suggest CNN hire him. Amazingly good interviews. He clearly does the research ahead of time and asks tough questions that really gets at what each interviewee is all about. Amazingly he doesn't get mired in pointless arguments. After listening to most of the interviews, he his clearly more aware of the issues, and able to discuss them reasonably, then any of the candidates that he interviewed. Fantastic job, a huge amount of work, and I think he needs to be on the CSM.

Really, I hope either or both of these candidates make a run. And I hope most of the other bitter-vet / more toys for null-sec candidates drop out. In the end, with the new voting mechanics, I think we are going to see a CSM dominated by Goons and TEST with maybe one or two relatively independent bitter-vets. The CSM will spend most of it's time dealing with the most important issue facing them... 'Who gets to go to Iceland!'. Hopefully the rest of the community can come together and not split their vote so much that the major blocs dominate CSM 8.


  1. Hey there,

    It's incredibly kind of you to consider me as someone who could represent you at CSM8. I'm very humbled :)

    Unfortunately, my wife and I have just had our first baby and she's still only 7 months old. I don't feel I'd have the time necessary to dedicate to the CSM over the next 12 months. In the future? Who knows. Never say never ;) But not this year.

    Thanks again,

  2. With two kids of my own I fully understand. I must thank you again for the awesome work on the interviews. I think a lot of people are surprised at how good they are.

    You are probably wise not to run regardless. Obviously having done the interviews it would be awkward if you suddenly announced. Hopefully next year you will be in a better position.

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  4. Hey dude! This is Matias Otero and I'm writing from the future. I will run this year for CSM9! Thank you for your support, never saw this until now.

    1. Good luck! I suspect it will be a cakewalk for you this time! My new character (after nuking my old one) is actually in your corp now though I haven't yet enjoyed doing anything with him yet.