Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid CCP Nerfing Popular Low-Sec PVP Sites

Edit: Please show your support by posting on the following forum thread... Don't Change the 2/10 Plexes!

All in all there are lots of things in Retribution that I like. However one little note caught my eye..

1/10 and 2/10 static DED complexes have been moved to the exploration system.
Anyone who does small scale PvP in low-sec knows that these DED complexes (like in Heild and dozens of other low-sec systems) are basically hubs for fun PvP. Not really worth it to camp solidly, they are worth warping to anytime you are in a system. About half the time you get a fight, the other half time you get a few million isk worth of modules. Watch Sard Caid's stream or go to Molden Heath. These sites are probably the most active frigate PvP sites in the whole game.  I drove by Heild's Angel Creo-Corp site to demonstrate. See below for the image. Three wrecks on screen by the entrance. Several others in the plex itself. Where else in EVE can you find a spot where PvP is so constant.

So what does CCP do, they ditch them in the new expansion. Apparently there are people in hi-sec who farm them. I can understand removing them from hi-sec, but removing these from low-sec is ridiculous. Basically they are saying that if you want PvP in low-sec it can only be in the form of using probes and getting ganks. There are no  fights in belts anymore and now there will be no fights in these anomalies anymore. Yes, there is always faction warfare, but considering that the entire faction warfare mechanic (plexes that appear on the overview) is pretty much a poor copy of these static plexes, I don't think that is a great example. So CCP, please don't get rid of low-sec plexes.

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