Monday, September 17, 2012

[AAR] [Sept 16, 02:00] PVP Basic Roam

In Agony we usually do After Action Reports (AAR) after a roam. This past weekend I ran the roam for PVP-Basic class offered by Agony Unleashed. It has long been a goal of mine in EVE to run of these class roams. They are a total blast. Below is my AAR.
This roam was definitely a challenge. It was the first Time I was primary FC for a class roam (I had in the past taken over a BASIC roam half way through) and I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately we got off to a poor start. Providence was our first entry point and although things looked good as we set out, good engagements proved hard to find. I made a mistake and lost a bunch of rifters sent in as bait to a bomber gang. All I can say in defense is that at least I only lost a handfull of ships, and not the entire fleet. Between Providence and Catch all we could scout out were a couple of 30 man battle-cruiser gangs with full support that I didn't particularly want to welp the fleet up against. We did manage a few ganks including a loki and a rapier. Sometimes you have to take the fight that is handed to you (it was well into the second hour of the roam) and when I had one of the BC gangs split up I took the chance to see what we could kill. We didn't get much.

At this point half the class ended podded back in tanoo, and the other half was stuck in ESA, 25 jumps through hi-sec/low-sec away. It took about half an hour to re-unify the fleet and now with significantly diminished numbers we set out again.

This time we concentrated on Curse first burning into catch. Surprisingly things were much better. The big gangs were no more and we had a good time in SV5 taking on a BC heavy gang. It was beautiful watching them cut down and killed piece by piece. This is what the class is all about. Afterwords we ended up welping in providence (details are hazy in my memory). I proceeded to call it quits after just over 5 hours of roaming. GG took some remnants out again but apparently targets were few at that point.

We killed about 30 targets (mostly T2 cruisers and BC with a BS and T3 thrown in), and whelped our 60 ship frigate fleet twice.

I would like to thank all of those who supported the roam. Especially Greygall who is clearly some sort of PVP-University cyborg.

I think the students had fun which in the end is the most important thing. About a dozen students popped their PVP cherry on the roam :)

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