Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Definition of Blobbing (Thanks to NCdot)

When I first started playing EVE I had no idea what was happening in fights. But after a few battles I started to understand what a blob was..

Blob (verb): To win a fight by bringing more ships than my side. Not to be confused with brilliant strategy which is when my side wins by bringing more ships. 

However it seems that my definition does not include the fact that I can apparently blob with a single ship. Take a look at this fight (below) from my first attempt at streaming...

Now I admit the video is very grainy, this was my first attempt and still working on the settings. But these were the three encounters I had with a certain pilot from the NCdot.

First encounter was in M-OEE8 comming in through the Taisy gate. They had an Enyo, Oracle, Drake and one other ship that I can't make out in the video. I ran away in my Enyo.

However the guy in the Enyo follows me which I enganged a few jumps away in E-OG14. I killed him easily. He complained in local about my single ECM drone.

I few jumps later the same guy catches up with me in H-W9TY in his Cynabal with his friends in a Legion and a Sabre. They killed me. Fair enough.

For whatever reason I thought he might like a video of the encounter so I sent him the link. I did say that the ECM drone was a bit cheap. This was his response...

i dont know how the stream looked,but i can tell you the vid quality was lacking. 2 things.. allthough normally i dont bother with eve mail im gonna make an exception this time. first you put a ancillary booster on a armor ship; you took the fitting hit,useing fitting mods to shoe horn it in.. over resists..over a armor repper .. you put that on.. that tells me its Overpowered and needs some adjustments as it is really ''free reps''. 2nd. Ewar in itself isnt bad.. and as much as i hate the falcon at the very least a special ship has to risked .. ewar drones IMO ruin pvp.. 1v1 especially : its a pocket falcon with no real risk.. it make what should be a hard decision (do i engage or not) into a easy one ( i got a chance to escape): haveing said all that ..what really burns me is ONE drone jammed me out for most of the fight. the ancillary thing.. i can live with.. its not your fault ccp made a module that essentially renders all other forms of reps obsolete. kudos to you for putting it on.. for the record even if i wasnt jammed.. i wouldnt have used the web to escape.. the web is help with tracking,and to ensure that if they engage they have to stay in the fight. Its a wall of text.. i know. I give you props for thinking of the fit and for at least in this evemail acknowledgeing that ewar is ''a bit cheap'' to that i agree .. part of me doesnt blame you for useing them either.. but it aint the part of me that just gets to sit there as some random dice role rendered me helpless. :) seeya on the battlefield

TL;DR: I effectively blobbed him by bringing logistics (medium ASB) and a pocket falcon (single ECM drone).

Let me get this straight. He fights me three times. Twice I was seriously outnumbered by him but that was fair as far as he was concerned (I died and was podded the second time). The one time I managed to get him on solo I basically cheated by bringing the equivalent of two other ships with me (a drone and a shield booster). Give me a break!

I fly solo a lot. I have no real complaints about being blobbed. It is part of EVE. If you feel the game is fun by bringing ten to one odds, then good for you. But to be accused of blobbing while flying solo!

Edit: I know he doesn't actually use the word blob in his rant. But he says I brought 'free reps' (aka logistics) and a 'pocket falcon' (aka falcon), basically my fit was unfair. I can sort of understand people claiming it is unfair if I had like hi-grade crystal implants combined with a-type deadspace gear plus a tech-3 booster or something (not really all is fair IMHO) but I did not. All I did was fit the ship with standard modules with an unusual tank and this guy felt the need to write a wall of text complaining about my fit.


  1. He's just a stupid competitive baby who can't stand losing. NCdot cultivates a culture of elitism that blames everyone except for themselves when they lose.

  2. I didn't read the word "blab" in his rant.

    1. He complained that I brought something just as bad as a falcon to the fight and a logistics ship to the fight.

  3. He doesn't even say blob at all????

    He is whinging about asb's, a pretty common occurrence, and ecm drones, a pretty common occurrence.....both are arguably OP.

    1. I apologize for fitting my ship with OP modules. From now on I will make sure all of my fits are predictably bad. Autocannon active hull tanked Enyo FTW!

  4. ASB is anything but op. All you need is alpha and using an ASB instead of buffer tank makes that easier.

    1. Not that easy to alpha the opponent in 1v1 even if they're not buffer fit.

  5. "Basically free reps" ?

    I'm sorry what? Has he seen how much faction cap boosters cost? You can win a fight, and end up spending 3-8mil purely on your defence. You're already making a loss (ISK-wise) unless the loot drop is decent.

    And the Enyo can only carry one drone. He was clearly shooting at the start, so he had a chance to lock your drone, and put HIS drone on it. He can't complain to you about losing to jams when it was his poor tactics. EWAR drones are made of paper, and even a single hobgoblin would kill it fairly fast.