Thursday, June 21, 2012

Inferno - A One Month Review

Note: This is not a review of EVE .. which I obviously rate 11/10, but rather a look at how the features from the expansion have been.

Now that it has been over a month since Inferno has come out in full I thought it would be good to do a look at the success/fail of the features introduced.

Missiles and Launchers + Graphics Update + Effects Bar + UI Enhancements
5/5 Missiles look awesome, visually they are great. As nice as they are however, I never really am zoomed in enough to see them. Other stuff is a step in the right direction.

War Declaration System + Mercenary Marketplace
1/5. Any feature that needs a complete emergency overhaul two weeks after launch isn't good. Great concept, terrible implementation.

Kill Reports
4/5. Pretty good, but could be better. After years of looking at eve-kill/battleclinic kill reports, these don't seem to be as refined. Best part is the ability to save fittings though.

Factional Warfare
1/5. Headed in a better direction, but any feature that allows the goons to exploit to the tune of 5+ trillion isk while smashing the market for anything LP related is serious fail.

3/5. I love the new Auxiliary shield boosters but think they are unbalanced. The others, not so much. The game changing module of the micro-jump drive has not been introduced :(

Character Creator
0/0 ... I just couldn't care less.

Unified Inventory
1/5. It is terrible. Only gets a point since they are iterating on it so fast.

1/5. Basically just a balancing exercise, one that was mostly rolled back after introduction.

16/35 = 46%. An F, ironically this is still one of the best expansions since I started playing. However most of the major features required significant iteration or rollback within weeks of launch.Still love the game though....

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  1. The changes to FW were a huge positive for those who were already fighting in faction warfare. A lot more fighting, especially in plexes. Plus, an income for their troubles.

    The Goonswarm thing was extracurricular save the Amarr who tried plexing against the Goons system upgrades.

    I'd give the FW changes a solid B.