Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Alliance Tournament X - Ship Point Changes

They have announced the new alliance tournament. As a junkie for this sort of thing I am excited. Unfortunately I think the timing of running through July is going to prevent me from participating much. However I will do what I can to report on the happenings throughout the tournament. There are several interesting rule changes. Firstly they are going to try (and fail I suspect) to prevent the match throwing, multiple team shenanigans of previous tournaments. Anyone caught trying will be kicked. Good luck on that CCP LOL. Other than that, the biggest change is the number of ships. Pre-Qualifier matches will now have a 6 ship limit, and the main matches will have up to 12 capsuleer teams. This combined with relatively small changes to points puts the average number of points/ship down from 10 to 8.5. Expect to see less tech-3 cruisers and commandships, with more frigates and cruisers, especially considering that Battleship sized ships are receiving a point deduction. Also interesting is that recon ships are now worth more one more point, while heavy interdictors are worth one point less. Below is the summary of the point changes:
Ship TypePoints
AT 7AT 8AT 9AT 10
Battleship, Faction21212120
Battleship 18181817
Black Ops Battleship18181817
Command Ship16161616
Strategic Cruiser16161616
Cruiser, Faction13141414
Heavy Assault Cruiser15141313
Battlecruiser (Tier 2)13131313
Recon Ship13131314
Heavy Interdictor13131312
Logistics Cruiser12121212
Battlecruiser (Tier 3)12
Battlecruiser (Tier 1)11111010
Bomber 6666
Electronic Attack Frigate5555
Frigate, Faction4444
Assault Frigate4444
Interdictor 3333
Interceptor 3333
Anyways, I am sure things will be interesting. I know that my alliance is already making plans. Good luck everyone!

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