Thursday, December 8, 2011

POD-ageddon X-Mass December 24 - December 31

One of the nice new things in the Incarna patch is the addition of pods to kill-mails. Finally, killing a billion ISK pod reveals a billion ISK kill-mail :). Fools who afk fly through empire space, or otherwise think that their pods are safe should now know..... they will be killed, if only to pad some anti-social individual's kill-board. This is awesome. To celebrate this I am going to suggest we have a Christmas POD-agedon event (stealing the title mercilessly from Hulkageddon). From Chrismas EVE through to New Years EVE, pods in empire space should be warned.... death is coming.

I am still working on how to implement this. But the following basic rules should apply:

1. Kill must be in Hi-sec.
2. Runs from downtime December 24, 2011 to downtime January 1st 2012.
3. Prices of implants to be calculated based upon Jita Market Prices/purchase contract prices. Thus a snake set is worth a LOT more than 100 +1 perception implants.
4. Implants must be in a head (only pod-kills count).
5. Podder gets the credit, not the podded ;)

Prizes: TBD

I am far from wealthy so all I will throw into the prize pool is a pirate faction cruiser of choice for the contestant with highest total ISK of implants destroyed. Ideally I will get some additional prizes before the contest starts.

How to submit: TBD


  1. Surely it should be "Merry Podmass"?

  2. Seriously, good luck, I mean you'd have to pop the AFK Piloted Ship, and then Survive long enough with concord already around for the POD. Not to mention that's 2 ships Cord'd, and 2 hits on your security status.

    No wonder there are no other posts, Did you think before you wrote this?

  3. @mtbwyoming
    Are we playing the same game? Players get podded in high-sec all the time. Either afk in a pod, or in a ship that get's blown.

    As for sec status.... once you hit -10.0, not much of a concern TBH.