Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Mitani and the CSM Realize They Have Been Played

First off, an apology for this negative anti-CCP article. Since monoclegate I have tried to avoid using this blog to bitch about negative things... but I just can't stop (sort of like I can't stop playing EVE).

I wrote a while back during the follow up to monoclegate that I felt that the Mitanni had done a marvelous job as CCPs public relations manager. The outcome of the summit, especially the video interview, brilliantly defused what for CCP was a potentially company ending catastrophe.

Now The Mitanni, and the rest of the CSM, realize that they were played. The issue... the minutes from that very summit. It appears that CCP and the CSM are at odds as to the contents of the minutes. Whatever 'accord' between the CSM and CCP appears to have broken down.

This is very discouraging. I had quit EVE over the issue of the door and the crap that was Incarna (yes I know I am back.... but that is another story). Every EVE player is hoping for one thing.. for CCP to realize just how good the game they have accidentally produced is, and how great they could make it if they just gave it a chance. Instead all we hear from CCP is how great some new game-breaking features like the NEX store are, how cool their console game is going to be because it interacts with the EVE players, and then a bunch of broken promises about EVE development.

I don't blame the CSM for trying to work with CCP. Many of them campaigned on taking a cooperative approach with CCP to prevent the breakdown that occurred with CSM 5. But now they realize that CSM 6 has been played. CCP used them for PR and now feels that they can be ignored since they have binding NDAs that prevent them from saying anything that CCP does not want them to say.

Edit: And the Mitanni has now declared war... The mittani declares war. On one hand you have CCP armed with the threat of banning a character and an NDA .... on the other hand you have a retired lawyer with a massive ego and who has a powerful influence over 7000 (goonswarm) accounts and entrenched himself into the gaming media (columnist at ten ton hammer).

In the spirit of the protest here are links to gaming magazine websites that are covering this (basically they all are).. – This site scooped the story, and caused all this. PCgamer GamerZone. Paper Shotgun- This one is particularly good. Get it everywhere.

Edit2: And another bang on commentary from former CCP Game Designer and current CSM representative Seleen


  1. Ha! At the time I told Mittens on another forum (SHC or Kugu I think) that he and the CSM were being played. I used the term "glad handed." He responded saying essentially "nope" because he's such a brilliant reader of people and master of psychology. Heh.

  2. When will people realize the CCP DOES know how great this game is, for the 300k people that think this kind of game is great. CCP knows, but that's not what they want. They don't want to make the game better for us. They want to make a game that 2m+ people think is great.

  3. Chimagia: While there are many CCP devs who do care a lot about EVE, the finance people behind CCP (which is deeply in debt and having cash flow problems) don't. All they see is a stagnating cash cow.