Thursday, March 10, 2011

Concerning the CSM Election

With the CSM election well underway it has now come time for me to select my two votes. Going into the election the following candidates showed the most promise IMHO.

Seleen  : Past and present CEO of the MC and former game designer for CCP
Roc Weiler : Long time blogger and developer of Capsuleer.
Trebor Daehdoow : Long time CSM member, Developer of video games in the 80s, Developer of the Prioritized Crowdsourcing system.
The Mitanni  : Spymaster, CEO of the Goons, Ten-Ton-Hammer blogger, part-time CCP spokesperson.

All four of these candidates I believe would make excellent CSM representatives, but who to vote for.

Considering Seleen, as a past developer for CCP he has already had a real chance to make changes to the game. I know that he is frustrated that CCP in the end implemented 25% of his vision, and I share many of his criticims of the current system. I feel that when it comes to improvements to the EVE Sov system, there is no better cadidate. The thing is I don't really care about Sov. As a result I feel that my vote should go elsewhere.

The Mitanni is another very active member in the EVE community. He has made many contributions to the game and certainly has played a major part in it's history. Having said that I feel that he seems to suffer from two distinct personalities. One one hand he gives presentation for CCP at conferences, works with the current CSM, presents to EVE Uni, and other constructive activities. On the other hand he sometimes embodies the worst aspects of the Goons. His mudslinging this election is just one example of that. I feel having him on the CSM will cause much more drama than the value of any contributions he would make. This is unfortunate.

As a result for this election I am endorsing Roc Weiler and Trebor Daehdow.

Roc's postings on his blog on the various planks of his platform are well thought out. Just the sort of thinking that is needed for a CSM candidate. I don't always agree with his stance, but I feel that he will work with the other CSM candidates to develop the issues.

Trebor also has a great reputation as a hardworking member of the CSM. Considering the hundreds of hours that he, and many of the other current members, have put into making CSM 5 such a success, I feel that his absence would hurt the council. I also loved Wizardry many years ago.

But most important of all, I encourage everyone to vote. Casting no vote is a vote against the entire CSM which I feel is a shame.

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