Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flashy Red is the New Blue ;)


So I have now successfully joined a pirate corp. Should be a lot of fun. The corp is called 'The Tuskers' and is probably pretty familiar to most EVE bloggers out there thanks to Rifter Drifter and others blog from past and present bloggers (See the Tusker pack sidebar). Actually it is kindof odd. Agony (the last corp I was in) had only a couple of active bloggers. Whereas the Tuskers seams to be filled with them despite having a fraction of the membership. Interesting trend.

Anyways, The Tuskers is what is considered a pirate corp. In EVE pirates generally refers to Low-sec PvP corps. While both 0.0 and lowsec has PvP, it is generally only the low-sec that is considered pirates. The reason for this is quite simple. Low-sec PvP is really bad for a pilot's security status. Even before joining while flying around looking for fights my status dropped from a nice 3.5 to a 1.1. I am sure within a few weeks or less I will be sitting at -10.0. No more hi-sec for my main soon.

Obviously this results in some interesting changes. No longer bound by the Rules of Engagement that Agony has I am able to partake in all sorts of unethical mischief. Having said that we still do have a 'Tusker Code', similar to many other pirate corps. It enforces that we do things like honour ransoms and not be dicks in local. All of which contributes to a healthy low-sec culture.

Another impact of being in low-sec is the different game mechanics that I am going to have to learn. I nearly lost a Rifter the other day by flying near a gate soon after killing someone. The guns on the gate are not just for show! Much to learn indeed.

Anyways, I am off to go plan some shopping. Most of my junk is stuck down in 0.0 hoping that someone will move it at some point. But I am heading to Jita to put together a half-dozen ships and get them shipped out to the Tusker home base..... This may be the last time I make it to Jita without interference in a long, long time.

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  1. Still love the Tuskers dearly. Hope you have an amazing time with them.