Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fanfest 2012 :)

Just got into fanfest:). I got to say Iceland is really great. Everyone from the airport to the hotel to the restaurants to even the other tourists are very friendly. I am staying in hotel odinsve located in the center of reykjavik. About a 10minute walk down to the spectacular harpa convention center. The weather has been iffy.... Cold yesterday with a few snowflakes fluttering in the wind, however the sun did peak out on occasion which was nice. Today, the first day of fanfest, it started out raining. I, recovering from a night drinking with other agony members, staggered down to the site and got my tickets.

So what am I looking for from fanfest?

In general what I want to see is that CCP continues their push to get EVE to achieve its potential. There is a lot of talk about Dust514, and considering the number of press that have been invited, the launch is going to be a big deal. I just want to see that the flying spaceship part is not left in the dust.

View of the bay in the sunlight (mountains are about 1000m high)

Harpa convention center

A lineup of spaceship nerds

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