Friday, October 8, 2010

Whoooaaa CCP.... don't tread on me

Interesting bombshell(to say the least) hinden in an interview in Eurogamer ... EVE: CCP Gives A Damn. Basically EVE players will soon be able to trade PLEXes for a Neural re-map. By itself this is not all that significant, but it does go against what they have been saying (linky). It is only a short road from there to more microtransactions (plex for sp seems to be the obvious direction that they will go in).

Personally I think this is really crap and here is why. Eve is already a very expensive game. $15*12 = $180 a year. That makes playing Eve cost as much as purchasing 3-4 other video games. Now they want even more money from players if they want to get ahead. It would be one thing if EVE was a PVE game like WOW or LOTRO, but in EVE we are not playing the computer so much as other people. Loosing a ship just because they have more money than you is not fun and is total crap. For example lots of people are playing starcraft II. If Blizzard had a special thing where you could spend another $100 and get +10% hp to all your soldiers, or some other special advantage, it would completely break the game. No thanks.

I understand that EVE currently has PLEXes which do give players with RL cash an advantage already. However the stated goal of the PLEXes was to stymie the illegitimate RMT traders, not to act as a cash cow for CCP. In other words the purpose was reduce the effect of RL money in the game, not increase it. This proposed feature would do the exact opposite.

So go out there and support your local CSM rep who are totally (as I understand) pissed about this and make posts on the CCP forums saying your opinions.

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